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Made in Hawai‘i by COCONUT INFO

"There are some who are Weather Wise and those who are Other Wise"

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Version 1.4+
Server update (6/2014) for Earthquakes

Hawai‘i Developer Coconut Info released Touch Hawaiian Weather for iPhone®, iPod®, and iPad® and iOS on the iTunes® App Store. Version 1.4 is a total rewrite. Be sure to upgrade!

Easily the MOST comprehensive Hawaiian weather App available and it is free of advertising.
Anything and everything to do with weather and the ocean in Hawai‘i and the North Central Pacific—for the sailor, paddler, surfer, swimmer, diver, fisherman, astronomer, hiker or weather enthusiast. And it’s commercial free. No distracting ad banners.
Conveniently organized on one App in your pocket.
Extremely thorough, Touch Hawaiian Weather includes:
  • Current Synoptic Forecast in depth
  • Hawai‘i NOAA WEATHER Radio
  • Temperature
  • Rain forecast
  • Humidity
  • Live data from over 15 Ocean Buoys near Hawai‘i
  • Dew Point
  • Current Surf forecast for all islands
  • Hurricane tracking, Cyclonic Activity if any
  • Wave height & Swell forecast for Hawai‘i
  • Marine Coastal waters forecast out to 40 nm including the channels
  • Marine Offshore forecast out 40 to 240 nm
  • Wind Speed, Direction, and Gust forecasts
  • Hawai‘i Earthquakes: hourly, daily, weekly
  • Latest Tsunami information statement
  • Today’s Flotsam map from the Japan Tsunami
  • Radar imagery; reflective and infrared
  • Sea Surface Temperatures
  • Current Global Central Pacific Satellite View
  • Central Pacific NOAA Weather Fax
  • Air Quality Index (AQI) for the Hawaiian Islands
  • Tide Calendar sea level, moon phases, meteors, sunset, sunrise, box jellyfish, blue moons
  • Unique Historical Weather related data for the current date. (A proprietary 15 year database)
Luckily, one of our developers, Dr. John F. McGrady, an Xcoder, thirty year resident of the islands, wanted NOAA Weather RADIO (and everything else) on their iPhone and one thing led to another.

Aia ho‘i, eia ho‘i!                                                                    
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