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Hawai‘i Developer Coconut Info has released Touch Hawaiian Quiz for iPhone®, iPod®, and iPad® and iOS on the iTunes® App Store. Version 1.1 is a totally NEW App! Compiled for iOS 7.
Description: Touch Hawaiian Quiz is a fun and educational App that tests your knowledge on the Ocean, People, History, Hawaiiana, Birds, Insects, Mammals, Astronomy, Places, Geography and Botany of the 50th state.
It has over 250 multiple choice questions in six categories that not only test your na‘auao of Hawaiian Facts and Trivia, but teach you just by playing. Questions are from decades of research data.
Score up to 120 points on a question or lose 60 points for an incorrect response. The faster you have the correct answer the more points you score.
Some questions are hard, some are easy. You be the judge. Geared for the serious seeker but fun for the whole family since it is multiple choice.
Includes proper diactrical marks in questions and answers.
Live scoring and sharing of high scores to Social Media is optionally included.
Written for locals and visitors alike.
Drop in, Tune up and Tweak your knowledge of Hawai‘i and its culture.
Introductory Pricing.
Requires iOS 6. Optimized for iOS 7 for iPhone 5.
Visit TouchHawaiian.com to learn more about our apps and publications for iOS devices.

Coconut Info Software & Publishing
Making software in Hawai‘i in the shade since 1986.


Programmed by an established Hawai‘i developer.

Check out the Touch Hawaiian Dictionary for facts and referencing related to the Quiz App.

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